Sexy Christmas Lingerie Set

We love this sexy lingerie – and we just have to show you it! This beautiful two piece is guaranteed to add a smile to any girls face this Christmas!Sexy Christmas Lingerie

With it’s beautiful satin underlay and mesh skirt, it is sexy and seductive. But not too much so for the novice lingerie wearer.

It comes with a matching thong for ultimate pairing, has adjustable straps and a padded bust. The bow is also removable to simplify the nightwear for bed.

Currently available in sizes 8, 10 and 12 at £37.23 for the set.

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Sexy Lighting for Sexy Sets!

Here at Censory, we’re having an electrical overhaul!

Our stock will look super sexy with our new lighting! Our knickers will look twice as naughty and our clubbing dresses will be dancing on their own!!

Another cup of tea guys?? With Kent Electrician – Matt Sutton and Co.

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Censory Lingerie Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

During October 2012, Censory Lingerie are teaming up with Against Breast Cancer.

Censory Lingerie will be donating 10% of sales, plus 5 pence per new Facebook Fan to join their page at

Come and join us to support a great cause!

Censory Lingerie – Supporting Breasts!

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Sexy Lingerie for Women

Top 10 pieces of cheap sexy lingerie:

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what more appropriate way to surprise your  partner than a little surprise of sexy lingerie.
Through the years we have witnessed a continued pattern of what sexy lingerie females purchase in order to add a little spiciness to their underwear draw and here are our top-rated 10 picks of sexy lingerie for ladies:

10. Teddy Lingerie
Most women are not aware of what Teddy lingerie is. Do you know? If not, you are missing out on some extremely sexy lingerie!
Teddy lingerie is lingerie that is worn on the torso, like a bodysuit or a swimsuit or an item of lingerie that merges the bra top to the panties. It is often made of a sheer material or lace and often ties at the back and the neck.
It’s cut away areas make it sensual as it shows a bit of skin, but keeps the bust underwraps.

9.Garters and Suspender Belts
Garters and suspender belts are one and the same thing. They are worn around the hips and the suspender straps
hold your stockings up.
These a great piece of lingerie and are often made of lace, however you can get leather, pvc or latex ones  besides.
They come about in a range of colours which means you can jazz up any black/white/red underwear set with one which provides a whole brand new look, and men go wild for them! A brilliant choice for wedding night intimate apparel too.

8.Waist Clinchers/ Corsets
A big number in the shops at the moment!
Corsets can be worn as sexy underwear of teamed with a cute low slung jean or black trousers for the evening hours.
A lot of corset top gowns are being made nowadays as the corset is great for shaping the middle and uplifting the bust. A must to add to the lingerie drawer as it is so variable.
The waist clincher is a smaller sort of of corset which is used for mainly slimming the middle and if usually purchasedalong with an underwear set. It covers merely the waist, not the bust, but looks super sexy!

7. Bodystockings
These have become more well-known in the last few years due to how inexpensively you can pick these up.
They take up barely any room in your undies drawer and your boyfriend will go wild for them!
Typically in fishnet or translucent materials, some have long sleeves, some are made in a teddy style (as  described in this article) and some have long legs and incorporate the feet. It rather is determined based on your taste.
I haven’t seen a bodystocking yet that will cost more than £20 and a lot are in the £8- £14 range so really reasonably priced. We can’t guarantee your spouse will want you to keep it on for long though!
Also brilliant for the plus size woman as they are normally made of stretch materials.

6. Bodysuits
Bodysuits have hit the high street yet again! Team with a pair of tailored trousers instead of putting on a blouse or shirt as their fit does not create unwelcome gathering like a shirt does, or team with a skirt for the evening.
Their tight fit makes them super sexy and they can be purchased in lace or sheer materials, such as the bodystockings, which makes them see through for the bedroom.
Again, a very versatile piece of lingerie.

5.Stockings/ Hold ups
Who can overlook the sultry stockings?! Yet another great way to jazz up an old lingerie set without having to pay a small fortune.
Go for a hold-up stocking which adheres to your thigh and prevents you losing your stockings strolling down the road (!!)
Or, alternatively team with a suspender belt for maximum thrills.
For fancy dress parties, stockings or tights are a must. Many retailers now retail tights and stockings that customize any fancy dress costume. Excellent for Halloween and Christmas!

Even while mainly for summer, there is often a great deal of swimwear sold throughout the year.
Lately ladies swimwear has developed to be more than just the high legged swimsuit of the 60’s, but has become quite a fashion statement with the “mix and match” bikinis, cut away swimsuits, thong backs and hardly there bikini tops.
Great for an all over tan … and ultra sexy!

We debated whether to put sleepwear into the top 10, but after a lot of thought we really couldn’t leave it out (hence the number 3 position). Once upon a time sleepwear was thermal pj’s with long sleeves that you wore when you were hugging your hot water bottle. Well, the noughties have seen the end to that with it’s fashion of simplistic silk and satin pyjamas, Babydoll lingerie, chemises and gowns. Many nightclothes are now sold with coordinating accessories and dressing gowns in silk or satin.
It’s a new era and with it came sexy nightwear!

Well bras, where exactly to begin? White, black, red, nude, push-up, supporting, gel-filled and multi-straps. Bra’s just have to come at number 2 with their flexibility. Be sure to you get your body measured frequently at your local department store as poorlyfitting bras are certainly not sexy, nor are they any good for your bust.
Customize a very simple bra set with enhancing jewellery and stockings or perhaps heels and see him go crazy!
Or alternatively, check out the large variety of 1/2 cup bras or shelf bras accessible on the web. A big craze for the bedroom!

This is a collective number 1 of thongs, french knickers, ruffle panties, boyshorts, hot pants and whatever else you might possibly select to wear on your derriere!
A cheap and sexy way to spice up your underwear drawer whilst not breaking the bank.
Ruffle panties are hot property this year under dresses and skirts, but we appear to be seeing the back of the thongs, excuse the joke together with french knickers and boyshorts taking over in popularity. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing as they appear to have earned their second label of cheese wire.
If you are searching for a cheap and sensual piece of underwear to delight your partner, why not try the crotchless panties?


Valentine’s day will soon be upon us!

Have you decided what sexy lingerie you will be wearing to surprise your partner?

Check out of range of Valentine’s lingerie for ideas of the latest trends at Censory Lingerie.

Stay Sexy!!

Lingerie for Valentines Night

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